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Collector selling 5,000 comics to pay for daughter's college

Al Sanders has been collecting for over a quarter-century.

Al Sanders is a long-time county employee, who is now ready, to turn the page.

Well, sort of.

You see Al, who deals with real life issues on a day-to-day basis, has held his life of fantasy behind closed doors.

He's a comic book collector.

We're talking really old comic books, the youngest of which was purchased in 1990.

Sanders says he's been collecting since grade school, and through college. He even sold plasma to buy them during his younger years. Then he got married and moved in with his wife. She told him, "Your Sports Illustrateds need to go, but the Comics can stay."

The collection, which includes older X-Men and Batman comics is close to 5,000 books.

But then he met a new star with super powers: His daughter.

16-year-old Rose is scheduled to graduate high school this year, ahead of schedule, and go to college in Tennessee. Al looked at his boxes of books and decided the time was right to release them from his Spidey web.

"This can really help her," said Al.

He plans to attend Emerald City Comicon this weekend with the intention of drumming up enough interest to sell the classic comics for perhaps thousands of dollars.

If he's successful, Sanders says it will allow for a new chapter.

"I just hope someone can enjoy them, as much as me," he said.