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Bosley the zebra born at Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo welcomed the birth of an adorable Grevy's zebra on Thursday.
Denver Zoo welcomed the birth of an adorable baby zebra Thursday


DENVER - Denver Zoo welcomed the birth of an adorable Grevy's zebra on Thursday.

The male foal was born in the exhibit to Farasi around noon. The little guy's name is Bosley.

Zookeepers say the mother and foal seemed to bond instantly, and the newborn is already beginning to walk on its long, wobbly legs.

Guests can see the mother and the newborn on exhibit.

Though Farasi is not a first-time mother, Thursday marked the first time she has given birth at Denver Zoo.

The foal's father is 15-year-old Punda, the only male in the herd.

There are three different species of zebra: plains or common zebra, mountain zebra and Grevy's zebra.

Grevy's zebra were named for Jules Grevy, former president of France who was sent the first known specimen of the species in 1882.

This type of zebra has longer legs, narrower stripes, white, stripeless underbellies and large rounded ears.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature considers the Grevy's zebra endangered, with its wild population estimated at fewer than 2,000 individuals.

The largest threats to the Grevy's zebra is loss of habitat, competition with livestock and poaching.

They are found in dry deserts and open grasslands in northern Kenya and southeastern Ethiopia.

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