Love apparently just wasn't in the air last year in Arizona, or at least, it was about to come to an end for plenty of relationships.

That's according to CenturyLink's Google Trends data which tracked the most googled relationship-related questions for each state.

From Dec. 2017 to Dec. 2018, the most-searched for relationship question in Arizona was "how to break up."

Heartbreaking, right? Well the Grand Canyon State wasn't alone in its desire to exit a relationship.

"How to break up" was actually the most commonly googled relationship-related question across the country, according to the data. Other popular searches included "Am I in love?" "How to kiss," and does he/she love me?"

It would appear those who were dumped in Arizona moved to New Mexico, because the most-googled relationship question in Arizona's neighboring state was "how to get over a breakup."