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5 common items that could burn you this summer

Items we use every day could pose a serious threat during the summer heat.

Phoenix residents are preparing for the summer sizzle, with a stretch of highs in the triple digits.

With the heat comes a reminder to be aware of items and areas that could burn you.

Dr. Joseph Winchell advised against spending time outside during the hottest parts of the day. If you do need to be outdoors, he recommended staying away from artificial surfaces. 

“We’ve seen kids come in with burns on the soles of their feet. They want to go outside and play. They run on the artificial grass, thinking it’s safe, but it’s not,” he said.

He said he has seen life-threatening burns from people who have fallen or passed out on sidewalks during hot days.

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“They just lay on the ground for hours. And by the time they are brought to the hospital, they have full-thickness, third-degree burns, almost as though they were laying on a hot stove for hours. And, usually, those are fatal,” according to Dr. Winchell. 

Your own car could also pose a threat in this summer heat. Door handles, steering wheels, and the metal part of the seatbelt are all items that could heat up and burn you.

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“If it’s too hot to handle, I would use some kind of cloth,” Winchell said.

While enjoying the outdoors, be careful of metal objects like park benches and outdoor furniture. They can reach well into the mid-100-degree range.

Also, beware of any other metal fixtures like door handles and railings.

If you want to cool off with a drink from a water fountain, be mindful that the ones outside are also exposed to the heat.

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