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12 News Must-Eats: Zenith Steakhouse at Twin Arrows

Need a break from gambling at Twin Arrows? Look no further than this savory steakhouse.

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – A mini-vacation to indulge in the Navajo culture and flavor is just a short drive away from Flagstaff.

Visitors can work up an appetite at the slots and then go enjoy their dinner, or the other way around, at the Zenith Steakhouse at the Twin Arrows Casino Resort.

Less than 30 miles east of downtown Flagstaff, Twin Arrows Casino Resort greets you with a jaw-dropping chandelier and a mouthwatering escape from gambling.

If you like, a selection of over 250 wines is ready to prep your palette for a taste of the Navajo culture.

Food and beverage manager Sonya Thompson, explained, “All of our artwork on property are all from Navajo artists,” adding, “The décor is very Navajo culture-oriented.”

The is also true of the fine dining prepared by chef de cuisine Eric Richards.

“All our ranches are going to be on Navajo reservation land and there’s about 63 families right now, over about 30 ranches that are incorporated in the Navajo Beef program,” Richards said.

The chef said the best of those steaks are only found at Zenith Steakhouse.

“We just recently got a USDA grade prime for all our steaks here in Zenith Steakhouse, which is a great accomplishment for the Navajo beef program,” Richards said.

While a good sear traps in the juices Richards steps into his Three Sisters Succotash—a colorful mix of zucchini squash, roasted corn and beans, illustrating a growing method in the Native American culture.

“When you have beanstalks, it actually shades the squash and helps the squash grow. The squash gives nutrients back to the beans and so on so forth, and the corn actually shades as well,” Richards explained.

Adding to the explosion of flavors, garlic mashed potatoes are just the right creamy touch and for dessert—pine nuts of course! They grow all over the Navajo Nation.

“Think about a pecan pie, incorporate pine nuts to it—that’s what we got right there,” Richards said.

You can click here to learn more about Zenith Steakhouse.

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