MESA, Ariz - Aesthetician Amber Arrington says 15 to 20 years ago, "thin was in."

"Ladies were tweezing their eyebrows pencil thin and there was lot of over-plucking that happened," Arrington said. "And now, girls and women are left going 'this is not pretty.'"

Fast forward to just a couple of years ago, and enter the likes of British model and actress, Cara Delevigne. The big, bold brow was suddenly raising eyebrows. For those who thinned a bit too much--permanent make-up became an option but, "permanent brows end up looking like just a block of color on someone's face," Arrington said. "It doesn't look natural."

Arrington heard of a tattoo technique that solved the problem of an "unnatural" look, and would take permanent cosmetics to a higher level.

"With microblading, what they can have now, they couldn't have before," Arrington said.

With the proper technique and specialized equipment, trained beauty experts like Arrington are able to implant the correct color and what literally looks like, "lifelike individual hairs."

"I over-plucked and didn't know the correct way to arch my eyebrows," Tifany Alday, a microblading client said.

Recently, Alday went under Arrington's microblade for her own eyebrow makeover.

"Everything's about symmetry," Arrington said.

For the next 90 minutes or so, Arrington uses a metal tipped device with the skill of a fine artist. Swiftly, she applies fine lines of pigment to Alday's brow.

Alday describes the procedure as series of "little scratches."

Each little scratch, represents another hair follicle Arrington is able to substitute for one that went missing. She says she typically makes about 25 strokes per eyebrow.

"And I'll typically do two to three passes per brow before I'm, happy with what we've accomplished," Arrington said.

So how did Arrington do with her latest customer? She said she's done the microblading procedure over 200 time to date -- not including touch up work.

"Oh that looks great, (it) looks so real!" Alday said.

"That is what they all say," Arrington concurred.

Arrington is one of handful of professionals in the Phoenix-area doing microblading at her Sassy Wink Salon in Mesa. She says she charges $400 for the consultation and then the procedure. A touch up later on, will cost $50.

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