PHOENIX - The four common causes of bad breath, or halitosis, are:

-- Poor dental hygiene
-- Illnesses and diseases like respiratory tract infections, bronchitis or gum disease
-- Dry mouth that allows bacteria to reproduce -- this includes smoking, drinking alcohol and sleeping with your mouth open
-- Food

"Well it seemed very clear to me when you eat onion and garlic," bad breath expert Jacqui Rosshandler said, "you brush your teeth; you chew gum, it doesn’t really do anything because the bad breath is coming from your stomach. So, just attacking it in your mouth doesn’t really do enough. So, I wanted to create something that would work internally to provide fresh breath after eating pungent foods like that."

Rosshandler created a product that is part mint and part capsule called EatWhatever, 2 Steps to Kissable Breath.

"I found a vegan gel cap manufacturer," she said. "Most gel caps are made out of pork or beef but these are made out of seaweed and sort of created a breath freshener that you can swallow."

Rosshandler also said if you’re ever in a bind and on a date, there are two foods that will help kissable breath: "Parsley was very potent at fighting bad breath internally; peppermint oil has also been used for generations to freshen breath."

Her company also sells WoofMints for dogs.