"Bizarre" is a good word to describe the secret room in the Bisbee Mini Museum of the Bizarre.

“This was given to me by a local here in Bisbee, and they found it in their swamp cooler, ” curator Renee Gardner said, standing in front of what looks like a cat. “It's an intact, mummified cat. And you can still see its little claws and its teeth, and it even has a couple whiskers left.”

And don’t think there’s not a two-headed squirrel.

“Our double-headed squirrel -- I love him,” Gardner said. “A lot of people don't realize he's up there when they come in and it kind of spooks them, and he's another one of our mascots.”

Gardner began collecting her oddities as a teenager, and over the years, people began just sending things to her, like shrunken heads.

“We have a couple shrunken heads. This guy here, he's our mascot, and those were a gift, like most of my stuff, they were gifts given to me by friends or strangers, some of them who just sent them to me because they knew that I collected weird things,” Gardner said.

It’ll only cost you $3 to be a voyeur of the oddball and the creepy.

“Some people get a little, you know, weirded out, but it's OK,” Gardner said.