Just steps from the Rim's Bright Angel Trail is another of architect Mary Colter's masterpieces.

Colter built the Bright Angel Lodge in 1935 for about about half a million dollars.

With its surrounding cabins, the Bright Angel Lodge is a rustic, iconic beauty with canyon views that give you such a clear perspective of just how little we are in the grand scheme of things.

The view from the lodge is just amazing, and visitors stay in cabin that is literally 15-20 feet from the rim of the canyon.

Long before the words "green," "organic" and "self-sustaining" hit the mainstream vernacular, Colter made use of native materials to build her fascinating creations.

In the original guest lounge, the fireplace actually represents each layer of the canyon. Colter had people go down to the bottom of the canyon and work their way up, bringing rock from each layer in the canyon.

The layers include river rock from the Colorado River on the hearth, followed by Vishnu schist, which is some of the oldest exposed rock in the world. It's about 1.7 billion years old.

Colter deserves more recognition than she ever received. But much of her work still stands as a testament to her amazing, forward-thinking talents.

Visitors to the lodge can feel the historic and the rustic nature that Colter intended when she built the structure.