• 1 Box of Cake (I used Red Velvet) plus eggs and oil as directed on package 
  • 1 container icing of your choice  
  • Enough fondant to cover the cake (You can make a solid color cake or divide the quadrants of the brain and cerebellum in different colors.  
  • Strawberry jelly or glaze to make the brain look bloody and slimy


  1. Bake cake in a round cake pan, or oven-safe glass bowl. 
  2. When cool, cover the cake with a light coating of icing. Make a shallow line with a knife or ruler along the top and down the sides of the cake to simulate the two sides of the brain. 
  3. Taking small pieces of fondant at a time (keep the rest sealed in a container or zippered plastic bag) roll into thin logs. Press the log against the cake forming squiggly lines and allowing the fondant to adhere to the icing. Make sure all of the cake is covered and no icing is showing. When the cake is covered in fondant, take  a pastry brush and paint the brain with the glaze or slightly warmed strawberry jelly. Keep cake refrigerated until ready to serve.