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Ever wanted to be abducted by aliens? New Scottsdale attraction can beam you up

Scottsdale's Arizona Boardwalk has an exhibit opening this fall that allows believers and skeptics to explore the validity of UFO abductions.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Arizona has long been associated with tales of mysterious UFOs seen flying across the state's desert skies. 

From the Phoenix Lights phenomenon in 1997 to Travis Walton's alleged alien abduction in Navajo County, Arizona has a colorful history when it comes to stories about extraterrestrial life. 

That makes the Grand Canyon State a great place to host an entire gallery dedicated to investigating close encounters of the third kind.

The "UFO Experience: The Truth is Out There" is debuting at Scottsdale's Arizona Boardwalk this fall and will include more than 200 alien artifacts. 

UFO believers and skeptics will get the chance to examine artifacts collected from famous UFO events in places like Area 51 and Roswell. 

“The extraordinary content in the galleries has been provided by UFOlogists as well as collectors from around the world," said Arizona Boardwalk Managing Partner Ran Knishinsky in a statement. "What we think most visitors will draw from touring UFO Experience is that the topic remains fascinating.”

The immersive exhibit additionally includes an abduction simulation that's based on alleged first-hand accounts. Visitors can also enjoy an “alien hunter” laser shooting game, hands-on analysis of alien specimens, and lots of memorabilia from popular sci-fi films. 

The family-friendly experience will replace "The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!" which closed at Arizona Boardwalk on Sept. 25. More information can be found here.

Credit: Arizona Boardwalk

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