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Sisters meet for first time in 50 years

Fifty years is a long time to wait to meet your sister.

Lakeland resident Karen Hill knew she had two sisters. Only two months ago did she find out that she actually had a third.

“I don’t think I’ve slept in two months,” she said while nervously waiting at Tampa International Airport on Tuesday.

Hill, 56, knew about her older sister, Pam, and younger sister, Amy. They grew up together. She didn’t know that her mother, who has since passed away, had another daughter and gave her up for adoption.

That sister, Deb Myers, now 50 years old, started looking around on Facebook for potential family members after a death in her family two months ago. The Ohio-resident found her sisters and had to meet Karen while on a business trip to Florida.

“I have a sister,” she said as she embraced Karen in the airport waiting area to roaring applause. “I love you so much!”

The sisters plan to “gab” for the next few days before Deb continues on to her work trip. Her new big sister’s only question: “When is she coming back for a longer visit?”