A Phoenix kid has a big message to share. 13-year-old rapper Frankie V, who was up for Grammy consideration for Best Hip Hop-Rap Song last year, against the likes of Drake and Nikki Minaj, is speaking out against bullying through his music.

His music career started taking off a few years ago and he's already been able to meet some big stars, who are encouraging him to continue working hard toward his dream.

At just 13 years old, Frankie V is already doing big things in front of and behind the camera, during his time working in the recording studio.

"Started at 9 years old... I had first got my major deal," he said. "That's when everything was starting to get real for me."

He transferred to Arizona Virtual Academy a couple years ago. It's a full-time, online public charter school that serves Arizona students K-12.

"I have to do my class connect or I have to do finish my daily plan, because if not I'll fall behind," he said.

It gives him the flexibility to record, perform and complete his school work. Frankie knows he has to get good grades to continue succeeding in music.

"I'm ready," he said. "Anything I do in music, I'm going to tear it up... it's my thing, I love to do it."

While he was never a victim of bullying himself, Frankie became inspired to join the fight against bullying after witnessing a terrible incident in his previous school, involving a close friend with special needs. That friend was bullied to the point that he wanted to end his life. The next day they spoke to the principal and they were able to get his friend help. That prompted him to write the anti-bullying song "Say Something."

"It's about the bullying and how we can stand up against the bullying," he said. "That one was up for Grammy nomination."

Frankie V is staying busy performing here in the Valley at places like Celebrity Theater and Mesa

Amphitheater, as well as going back and forth to California for shows. He's even met quite a few celebs.

"Snoop Dogg, I'm met YG, I'm met Kid Ink, French Montana, Yo Gotti," he said.

Looking ahead, Frankie V is set to do a school tour with K-12, going state by state, to every kid in K-12. He says he plans to put on a good show for them.

"Make sure you guys follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter at Frankie Viera.... you know what I'm saying," he said with a wink and a smile.

They hope to start the K-12 tour in February, hitting all 50 states.