Bryan West is a reporter, multimedia journalist for 12 News. He joined the team immediately following graduation at Northwestern University in Chicago. He began as a planner producer in 2011 for the morning show.

From there, Bryan transitioned to a triple role: social media contributor, investigative producer and Explore Arizona multimedia journalist. He would travel the state to shoot fun, travel segments. Some of his favorites included navigating a wild cave and covering a hot air expedition. On the watchdog and investigative team, he worked on a series of stories looking into the Phoenix Fire Department’s Arson Unit. The team’s findings won them a DuPont and Murrow award, two of the most prestigious accolades in the broadcast industry.

In 2013, Bryan became a reporter working with the team on EVB Live. Two years later he transitioned to the morning show. Every day he shoots, writes and edits the stories for the evening newscasts as well. His favorite part about the job is getting to meet people from around the Valley and share their experiences.

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