Thanks for being a 12 News viewer.

Here are some steps you can take if you are having trouble receiving a signal for channel 12 News KPNX at your house.

Quick Steps to receiving Channel 12:

1.) Move indoor antennas to the outdoors, or purchase and install an outdoor VHF antenna – consult the antenna manufacturer for accurate information and help in determining the best VHF antenna solution for your location.

2.) Make certain directional antenna points towards our transmission tower. Use an antenna pointing website to help orientate the antenna properly

3.) Make certain your antenna lead in cable is undamaged, connections on the antenna, splitters, and televisions sets are clean, fully-seated, and tight. This includes the connection on the antenna and the back of the television set. Use a wrench if necessary to tighten until just snug.

4.) If you have splitters, install termination end caps on any unused splitter outputs.

5.) Do you have an RF amplifier inline? Make sure it is powered/working. Try removing from circuit (any difference?)

6.) On the television, rescan for missing channels.

Reasons for sudden loss of 12 News signal:

• Antenna reoriented (wind storm, etc.)

• Damaged antenna or cable

Broadcast Signal

In the Phoenix metro area, KPNX 12 News broadcasts from South Mountain. We transmit at full power as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. Besides KNAZ in Flagstaff, we also operate several translators in the following areas:

Service Area / Call Sign / Band

Prescott Valley / K06AE-D / VHF

Globe / K48NH-D / UHF

Payson / KPSN-LD / UHF

Television stations broadcast on either a VHF or UHF frequency. In the Phoenix area, KPNX broadcasts on VHF television channel 12. With Digital television transmission, the high-band VHF channels are more difficult to receive than others. Other stations in the Phoenix area that transmit on the VHF band are KAET (Channel-8.1-8.4) and KSAZ (Channel-10.1 and 10-3.) All other broadcasters in the Phoenix area broadcast within the UHF band.

Are you able to receive 8.1 or 10.1? What about 10.2? Channels 8.x, 12.x, and 10.1 are high VHF channels.

Please confirm you can pick up each of the following channels:

 8.1  8.2  8.3  10.1  10.2

With the exception of 10.2, the above are all VHF.



Some Antenna manufacturers/dealers market off-air television antennas as HDTV antennas, which is a generic term, and these antennas are often not optimal for VHF reception. Before the HDTV antenna term existed, the frequency band typically identified television antenna types; VHF, UHF, or combination VHF/UHF. A large number of today’s HDTV antennas are UHF only, and for VHF channels like 12, use of this antenna type may negatively impact reception of 12 News.

Online retailers specializing in television antennas can assist in selecting an appropriate antenna for VHF reception, below are a few examples:

Antennas Direct 

Call 1-877-825-5572 or visit

Channel Master

Call 1-877-746-7261 or visit their website

Indoor or Outdoor Antenna?

If at all possible, and for the best possible results, use an outdoor antenna that is designed for VHF reception.

HOA or Apartment Complex Antenna Questions

If applicable, please review the FCC rules that permit installation of television antennas on apartments or private homes (governed by a home owners association rules.)

FCC Rules Over-the-air Reception Device (aka antenna) Rules

Directional Antennas - Pointing

When using a directional antenna, it is imperative that the antenna points directly at the transmission tower. In the Phoenix area, this is on South Mountain.

Depending upon the distance from your home to the transmitter and the type of receiving antenna, 10 degrees off in one or the other direction can create reception problems. To assist with accurately pointing a directional antenna, use an online antenna pointing websites (see below) and a compass.

Antenna Pointing Websites

There are several free websites that help guide viewers in pointing their antennas. They are sometimes inconsistent, especially in fringe areas, so review the results from a few sites. On the site, enter your address, and other optional information, and the site will provide a list of stations in your area. Depending on the site you use, the information will include signal level, whether there are obstructions in the way (such as mountain ridges), and the direction to point your antenna. To optimize reception, it is imperative that the antenna is pointed correctly.


AntennaPoint Transmitter Locator

TV Fool

After successfully pointing the antenna, securely tighten the antenna (and mast) mounting bolts to prevent it from turning in a wind storm.

In some circumstances, you may need to rescan the channels.

Antenna Cable Connections

Check antenna coaxial cable connectors, and make certain the connector is fully seated and tight. If the connector is loose, the center conductor may not make full contact and that may lead to intermittent reception or no reception at all.

Cable/Telco/Satellite Systems

If you view KPNX on Cable, PrismTV, DirecTV, or Dish Network, then contact the provider directly for support.

Depending upon your home cable connection, KPNX 12News appears on the following channels:

Vicinity / Cable System / Channel / Requires Cable BOX?

Phoenix / COX / 1012 / Y

Flagstaff / SuddenLink Communications / 12 / Y

Prescott / Cable One / 12 / Y

Audio Issues

Hearing descriptive audio describing the scense, or Spanish? Your television set (or set top box) may have the SAP (secondary audio channel) enabled. Turn off SAP.

The SAP terms – on your remote or TV, SAP is referred to using a number of terms:




• Audio

• Buried in your television set’s menu-based settings