What's the best way to submit a news story to 12 News?
By emailing a news release to our newsroom at connect@12news.com.

Where can I get job information?
Call our Job Hotline 602-261-6171 or go to click here for current openings.

Do you do station tours?
12 News provides educational tours of our state-of-the-art studio at 200 EVB. Click here to schedule a tour.

How do I submit a Public Service Announcement?
These announcements are designed to inform the viewing audience of issues concerning their health, safety and welfare.12 News accepts pre-produced public service announcements from any 501 - (3) non-profit organization, local law enforcement, local fire or community safety group. (12 News will not be able to produce the PSA.)

Special attention is given to PSA's dealing with issues within the station's local broadcast area. Due to the sheer number of non-profit agencies in Maricopa County, public service announcements will not be used for non-profit fundraising efforts.

  • Submissions should be made at least twelve weeks in advance of desired air date.
  • All submissions must be in a digital format and ready to air.
  • PSA submissions with any form of advertisement will not be accepted.

Please include a confirmation of your organizations 501 - (3) status, a contact name and phone number when submitting your PSA, along with the end date your PSA can run.

Please send all PSAs and questions to:
Michelle Fierros

How can I get a taped copy of a 12 News story?
Companies offering this service:
- News Exposure: 602-314-6866
* VMS: 1-866-222-2529
- Cision Media Monitoring - 1-800-560-0111

Prices will vary. 12 News has no control over the cost of a copy of a segment.

Who decides what is news for the day?
A group decision by news personnel. We welcome your feedback at connect@12news.com.

What is your website?

DATELINE NBC transcripts & tapes
Call 1-866-NBC-TAPE for NBC News transcripts and tapes of selected Dateline segments.

How do I get tickets to an NBC show?
Go to NBC's website (www.nbc.com) for complete details. Direct link is http://www.nbc.com/tickets-and-nbc-studio-tour.

How do I submit a story for the TODAY show?
Please send story ideas to Noah Oppenheim, Supervising Producer, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Rm. 374E, New York, NY 10112. If your story idea is accepted, you will be notified. They do not have a general fax number. If you have questions that need to be answered right away, or want to write to NBC News personnel, their address and phone number are:
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
(212) 664-4249

Willard Scott's 100 year-old birthdays
Send full names and addresses of those celebrating, how old they will be on which date and something personal about them. Include your name, daytime phone number and phone number and send to:

Willard Scott Birthdays
TODAY show, NBC News
4001 Nebraska Avenue
Washington, DC 20016
Attn: Lessandra Machamer
For further information on submitting birthdays, you can call: 202-885-4455.

How can I contact NBC Nightly News?
Best way is to e-mail the show at nightly@nbc.com.

How do I get taped copy of an NBC news story?
Videotapes are available for purchase through NBC News archives (212) 664-3797 or email nbcarchivesviewermail@nbcnuni.com. Please fax your request to: (212) 703-8558. There is a minimum charge of $150.00 for up to five minutes of tape. Please include the date, subject and any other information that might help with your request. Once your letter is received, you will be sent an agreement form. Once the form is signed and returned to NBC with payment, your request will be filled.

Questions about LIVE! Kelly & Michael
Go to their website (www.livewithkelly.com) for specific requests and click on the FAQ section or inquire at the address/fax below.

"Live with Kelly and Michael"
7 Lincoln Square
New York, NY 10023
Fax Number: (800) 330-1106

Questions about The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Go to their website (www.ellen.warnerbros.com) for specific requests.

Call 12 for Action
Call: 602-260-1212
Hours: 11am - 1pm, Monday - Friday
Submit a complaint

Silent Witness
WIT-NESS (948-6377) - Outside Phoenix 1-800-343-TIPS