Rejoice, Arizona! Looks like we only have the 3rd worst summer in the U.S.

Because at the end of the day, at least we're not Louisiana or Mississippi.

Third place has never felt so good.

Thrillist recently published a list ranking every states by how terrible the summer is there.

Now before us proud Arizonans go defending our state saying "it's a dry heat" or "I'd rather be hot than frozen," or some variation thereof -- don't worry! We only have the third worst summer.

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And although the authors' meteorology knowledge doesn't seem to go beyond that of John Grisham novels and message boards, we're chalking that up as a win.

Matt Lynch and Kevin Alexander dove (not so) deep into the meteorological sciences to compile the list, as they say, "in the name of freedom and pseudoscience."

"People tend to think of winter as the soul-crushing time of year that you just do your best to endure," the duo wrote, "but depending on what part of America you live in, it could be summer that tests your will to live and the reliability of your A/C."

The pair factored in two things: the hot weather and the state's available ways to deal, combat or enjoy said hot weather.

And would you look at that, Arizona doesn't have it the worst.

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Despite their description being a little heated...

At what point does the “dry heat” argument lose its luster? Could it be when the temperature goes up to 120 DEGREES and summer days merely consist of retired people in air-conditioned cars driving slowly around mall parking lots looking for spots that are marginally close to the shade? Not there yet? How about when it's too hot for planes to take off? Maybe three is too generous?

It might just be two random dudes' opinion, but it's an opinion we can and will stand behind.

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Because at the end of the day, at least we're not Louisiana or Mississippi. Yikes!

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