High Phoenix temperatures and alcohol can be a dangerous combination

Be cautious while celebrating the Fourth of July.

PHOENIX - First responders are warning people to watch how much they drink in the heat over the Fourth of July holiday because of temperatures above 110 degrees.

Phoenix fire officials said Monday that many people don't realize the heat makes alcohol more potent in many cases.

People get dehydrated more easily, they said, which causes the alcohol to be less diluted in the bloodstream. Heat also opens the blood vessels, leading to quick alcohol absorption, officials said.

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The Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety said police agencies around the state are setting up DUI checkpoints and patrols for the Fourth of July holiday.

In the last three years, DUI arrests have hovered between 480 and 560 on the Fourth, officials said. The average blood alcohol content (BAC) of a DUI suspect arrested during the holiday is .15, almost double the legal limit.