5 tips to keep your car running all summer long

Your air conditioner could signal a potential problem if it stays 

PHOENIX - The heat of summer is upon the Valley and state, which can take a toll on your car and possibly leave you stranded. Here are five tips from the experts at Arizona Auto Service that can keep your vehicle running in the triple-digit heat.

1. Check your battery: Locate the year the battery was made to ensure that it's not too old. A 4-year-old battery is not advisable. Also, check for corrosion.

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2. Tires: The heat can cause some wear and tear on your tires, so make sure the tread is acceptable and pay attention to the PSI. The heat can cause the air in tires to expand, so make sure to compensate.

3. Fluids: Check your coolant and other fluids under the hood to ensure there are no leaks and everything is at appropriate levels.

4. Hoses and belts: Extremely warm temperatures can weather any hoses or belts, so double check that those items under the hood are in good working condition.

5. Air conditioner: Your air conditioner may take a while to get cool, but if your car is running more than 20 minutes and you're still feeling hot air, that may be a sign of a problem.

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