'Carlos Sanchez was the very best of us': Moon Valley coach on player who died

"Carlos Sanchez -- not because of his death, but because of how he lived -- has made each and every person on our team a better person."

A 16-year-old high school football player died this weekend, two days after collapsing during a varsity game.

Carlos Sanchez played for Moon Valley in Phoenix.

On Monday, his visibly emotional coach spoke about Sanchez's impact on his teammates, coaches, and community.

Head coach Seth Millican called Sanchez "the very best of us" and said he will continue to live on in his teammates through the example he set.

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Full statement from head coach Seth Millican:

First of all, I want to express my sympathy for Carlos Sanchez’ family. I want to thank them for their incredible strength and for allowing me to coach their son over the last two years.

Carlos Sanchez had a 200-pound heart stuffed into a 170-pound body. Carlos Sanchez was the very best of us. He was the best we had to offer. He was a constant force of hard work and selflessness on our team.

Carlos Sanchez -- not because of his death, but because of how he lived -- has made each and every person on our team a better person. The example he set by always putting others first, always working his hardest, and always having a smile on his face will live on.

My team is full of young men who will go out into the world and treat people in a better way because of Carlos’ influence. They will be more able to teach their future children the values that Carlos Sanchez exemplified. In 16 years, Carlos Sanchez made an impact on this world that will last forever.

I hope his family can find some peace in knowing that Carlos Sanchez will live as the symbol of all that is pure, all that is good, and all that selfless in the human spirit for as long as this school continues to operate in this community.

There are still many unanswered as to why Carlos Sanchez died. Firefighters said Sanchez reportedly had a seizure during the game.

Sanchez, like all other high school athletes in Arizona, must have a signed Pre-participation Psychical Exam form.

"Mainly what we look for in a high school physical is their history -- what have they been through? What have their relatives been through, brothers sisters mom and dad?" said NextCare Physician's Assistant Kevin Kon.

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Kon has administered hundreds of high school physicals and believes the physical exam and family history check are thorough to uncover most underlying issues in high school athletes.