Stormy Daniels claims 'hush agreement' is void, but does she have a case?

The lawsuit claims the agreement is void because the president never signed it, only his lawyer did.

PHOENIX - There are a lot of explosive allegations in the lawsuit, but it's really all about one thing: allowing Stormy Daniels to tell her story.

The adult film start filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Tuesday against Donald Trump saying a non-disclosure agreement she signed is invalid because he never signed it.

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Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, claims she had an affair with President Trump from 2006 to 2007. A story she says she hasn't shared publicly, because of the hush agreement that was signed on Oct. 28, just 11 days before Trump was elected.

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12 News asked attorney Monica Lindstrom of the Arizona Summit Law School if Clifford's lawsuit is valid.

“I would say she has a case, but it’s not a very strong case," Lindstrom said. "The strengths of her case is the fact that one of the three parties did not sign that – and that was Donald Trump.”

The lawsuit claims the agreement is void because the president never signed it, only his lawyer did.

But Lindstrom also says it’s also possible the lawyer’s signature is enough, because a judge may rule he signed on behalf of a shell company that Trump was a part of.

“The weaknesses of Clifford’s case is the fact that she signed the document and if that attorney that signed the document was the agent of President Trump then this could end up being held against her, because enough people signed it," she said.

Trump's attorney has admitted publicly he paid Clifford $130,000, but hasn't said what for and claims the president was unaware.

Linstrom says Clifford won’t reveal more details now because the non-disclosure agreement states if she does, it could cost her a million dollars.

The president, referred to in the document as David Dennison, denies the affair ever happened.

“Upon first glance, the fact that two of the three parties signed the agreement, I would say that the agreement is valid against her," Lindstrom said. "But if you dig into more details, it is very possible that the lack of that one signature could demolish the whole thing.”

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So we can verify yes- Stormy Daniels may have a case.