Owner of Phoenix's Celebrity Theatre believes he's first Arizona man to clone dog

"I'm going to have something very close to the joy I had with Jackie, that's why I did it."

Rich Hazelwood, a lifelong Valley resident and owner of the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, said for 17 years his beloved dog Jackie, a terrier and English bulldog mix, has been right by his side.

"When I got dressed at night, she's was at the door, like going for a walk, she was going to the theater," Hazelwood said.

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But a few years ago, Jackie got glaucoma and went blind. Knowing she wouldn’t live much longer, Hazelwood started looking into the possibility of a new dog. That's when he decided to have her cloned.

Fast forward over a year later, Jenny and Julie, Jackie's clones, were born. Hazelwood believes he’s the first Arizona man to clone his dogs.

"I see so much commonality between the two, I mean they lay out in the sun and stretch out just like she does," Hazelwood said.

For $50,000, Hazelwood said a Texas-based company did the job.

"50,000 is chump change to have that kind of happiness to me," he said.

Hazelwood really only planned on one cloned dog. But of the six developed eggs, two worked out, meaning Hazelwood got double the joy.

Julie is the more active one of the two clones and usually sticks with him, Hazelwood said, while Jenny sticks with his wife.

"The only difference we've been able to find is they don't have stand-up ears," he said.

The same stand-up ears, like Jackie's. But despite that, these two pups still make up for a previous lifelong bond.

"I'm going to have something very close to the joy I had with Jackie, that's why I did it," Hazelwood said.