Meet Luis: Looking to build a future with a forever family

Luis loves to build.

Perhaps he will be an architect. Or a mason. Or a construction supervisor.

It’s hard to know what the future holds, but it is clear that present-day Luis loves to build.

“He loves to build stuff – he is kind of obsessed with Legos,” says James Patton, a youth advocate with Christian Family Care.

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Yes, he does love Legos, says 11-year-old Luis, adding, “I would like to go to Legoland.”

Luis also likes to talk about another passion – collecting Pokémon trading cards.

I love Pokémons,” he says. “I have more than 300 Pokémon cards.”

But don’t expect Luis to stay inside all day. He loves to play outdoors.

“I’m really good at tag, and hide-and-seek,” Luis boasts. “No one can find me because I climb a tree.”

He also likes playing sports.

“I’m really good at football and soccer because I’m really fast,” Luis says. “I’m not that good at basketball, but I like it.”

Luis says he is looking forward to the fifth grade.

“I like doing math and I get As and Bs,” he says.

Patton says Luis would benefit from a two-parent forever family with a lot of structure and routine.

“Ideally, Luis would be an only child so he can receive the attention he needs,” Patton says.

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