Meet Gabriel: A handy baker’s assistant

Gabriel is also a quiet boy who loves the loud horns and sirens on a fire truck.

Six-year-old Gabriel is only in the first grade, but he has figured out a thing or two.

For example, you’re more likely to have cake and cookies to eat if you help in the kitchen. So, Gabriel loves to measure and stir and all the other activities that lead to pulling something yummy out of the oven.

Gabriel is also a quiet boy who loves the loud horns and sirens on a fire truck. So, there is no better place for Gabriel to be than riding in a Phoenix Fire Department rig, horns and sirens blasting.

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Gabriel’s love of the loud extends to all things Transformers – the huge robots that star in movies, videogames and their own line of toys. But, Gabriel also loves quiet pastimes such as puzzles and arts and crafts.

“Gabriel is very shy at first, but as soon as he opens up, he is ready to engage and he’ll engage you with his great smile.” says Brianna Rossi, a child-specific adoption recruiter with Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK).

And once he feels comfortable, expect a steady stream of questions. Gabriel peppered Phoenix firefighter Craig Kempinski with questions during a recent tour of a fire station.

“He likes to ask a lot of questions,” says Rossi.

Gabriel is doing well academically in the first grade, Rossi says.

Gabriel also likes jumping on a trampoline and eating pizza and apples with peanut butter.

As you might expect, Gabriel is interested in being a firefighter when he grows up, but he has other aspirations.

“Gabriel will do well in a two-parent home,” says Rossi. “He will need a home that has structure and routine, and he will do well in a home where he is an only child or the youngest child.”

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