Meet Edwin: Football player waiting on forever team

Edwin is a well-rounded kid who loves football, pencil drawing and cars.

High school is still new for 15-year-old Edwin, but he already knows his favorite part of being on campus.

“I like being on the football team,” the freshman said, breaking out a big smile. “Football has been my favorite sport since I was four.”

Being a member of the football team means long days that have Edwin leaving for school at 6:30 a.m. and returning home 12 hours later. But, the hours of practice after school are worth it, says Edwin, who admits to harboring dreams of being in the NFL.

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If a career as a professional football player doesn’t come to pass, Edwin says he would like to be an automotive mechanic. His passion for cars was sparked by the movies in the The Fast and The Furious franchise. And that passion was flamed during a recent visit to the Martin Auto Museum in north Phoenix, a collection of more than 60 rare automobiles ranging from a 1915 Ford Model T to Edwin’s favorite, a 1965 Shelby AC Cobra.

Edwin also likes to draw with pencils, trying to capture the world in black and white and gray.

While the goal is to find Edwin an adoptive family, finding a loving foster family would be a good interim step, says Ashleigh Pierce, a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption recruiter with Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK).

Edwin says he would like a forever family with a mom and dad. Having a brother or two would be nice, too, he says.

“I just want a forever family that will care,” he said.

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