Meet David: A teen who loves sports

David is looking forward to putting on the pads this fall.

David is looking forward to putting on the pads this fall.

The eighth-grader is excited about going to high school and the possibility of joining the football team. He’d like to play running back or wide receiver.

“I love to catch the ball, make touchdowns and make my team happy,” David says.

David also loves ice hockey and the hometown team, the Arizona Coyotes. It would be great to be a professional hockey player, he says, just to meet Coyotes star Shane Doan.

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Because of David’s love of sports, the perfect forever family for him “would be the kind of family that is willing to cheer him on the sidelines all season long,” says A. Beck, a youth advocate with Arizona’s Children Association.

David needs an active family, because he likes to keep moving even when he isn’t on the football field. He says he loves to hike “and experience the animals and the trees and the rocks.”

David, who turns 15 later this month, also has a passion for music.

“I play drums because I love it. Make some beats,” he says.

David is an easy-going teen who gets along well with his peers, says Beck.

“David is always interested in having a good time and he is usually a pretty chill kind of guy,” she says.

That means he would get along well with siblings, Beck says.

David speaks English and Spanish and says he would like to be with a forever family that is bi-lingual. And he is willing to help out in any language.

“When I come to your family I will be nice,” he says with a smile. “I will do anything you want me to do – clean the house, anything.”

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