After juror caught lying, man convicted in wife's 2001 murder will stand trial again

In 2004, Michael Blagg was found guilty of killing his wife while she was sleeping and throwing her body into the trash at his office. That conviction that thrown out less than a decade later and now, the now-55-year-old will once again face a jury.

When he first spoke to Mesa County deputies more than 16 years ago, Michael Blagg called himself a born-again Christian whose life was “open as a book” to investigate.

In the years since, the now-55-year-old has been convicted of murdering his wife while she was sleeping.

His conviction was thrown out nearly a decade later after one of the jurors was found guilty of lying on her jury questionnaire about being a victim of domestic violence – one of the key tenets of the prosecution’s case.

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Michael Blagg's 2002 mugshot.

Blagg has always maintained his innocence.

And he still remains a person of interest in the death of his young daughter, who went missing at the same time as her mother … and whose body has still never been found.

Starting next week, Blagg will once again face a jury – this time in Jefferson County – and his case will likely once again garner media attention from around the country.

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