Arizona wildland firefighter vying for Ms. America crown

An Arizona wildland firefighter is trading in her chainsaw for a crown as she goes for the title of Ms. America.

A northern Arizona wildland firefighter is trading in her chainsaw for a crown this week as she competes at the Ms. America pageant.

Cheyenne Warner, 39, is the current Ms. Arizona and will be competing in Long Beach, Calif. at the pageant aimed for women over 26. Not only is she vying for the crown, she also has a chance to give back to an organization that is close to her heart.

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"Part of the Ms. America pageant is a People's Choice Award," said Warner. "After the voting, whoever is in first place for the People's Choice Award gets 50 percent of the money that is raised."

Warner plans to give her check to an organization she has seen help many of her colleagues over the years.

"I will donate that check back to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation," she said.

Warner started firefighting 11 years ago with a federal land agency and says she has never looked back.

"I just love my job," she said. "I mean recently a group of us were talking and you have that one moment that triggers in your mind that says, 'This is my job and this is why I love my job,' and I remember those moments."

Warner was active in beauty pageants before Ms. Arizona came along. She first stepped onto the stage when she was in high school.

"This is the first time, other than high school, where I've received a crown," said Warner. "It's been so much fun for that transformation."

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