Arizona grandmother celebrates gold with Olympian granddaughter

Betty tells us how proud she is of her 26-year old gold medal granddaughter.

On Sunday night, nominated representatives from each nation closed out the winter games in PyeongChang by carrying their respective country's flags.

Team USA selected Cross Country gold medalist Jessie Diggins; who's grandmother, Betty Santa, lives here in Arizona.

“It was just exciting, I mean, we were just nail biting, 'go Jess, go Jessie go,' then when she won. It was just incredible!” Santa said.

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Betty is proud of her 26-year-old, gold-medal granddaughter. Team USA nominated Jessie to be the flag bearer at the closing ceremony.

“All that glitters is gold, Jessie has gold in her cheeks and she's a golden girl; it's just such an honor, we're just so thrilled for her,” she added.

Jessie and teammate Kikkan Randall winning the first-ever Team USA gold medal for the cross country event. Betty was in South Korea witnessing the historic moment.

“She so gracious in her win, she's giving so much credit and deservedly to the coaches and the wax techs,” Santa said.

The Olympian spends plenty of time training in her hometown of Afton, Minnesota where “Thelma's Ice Cream” shop plans to name a flavor after the local favorite. Jessie's family enjoying every second of the historic South Korea trip and plans to be in Beijing in 2022.