Mother thwarts kidnap attempt after assault

A toddler is safe after a kidnapping attempt in Kirkland's Bridle Trails State Park.

KIRKLAND, Wash. - A toddler is safe after a scary afternoon for his family in a Kirkland park.

The incident started around noon Thursday at Bridle Trails State Park, according to Kirkland Police.

A mother was at the park with her two children and their grandmother. The grandmother was walking a trail with the two and a half-year-old when "an unknown female hit her in the head from behind and ran off with the little boy."

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The mother was sitting in her vehicle when she witnessed the attacker running off with her son, and the grandmother chasing on foot closely behind. She jumped out of her car and scuffled with the attacker.

An officer on patrol arrived in the area and took the attacker into custody. She was identified as a 33-year-old with prior contact with police.

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