Buckeye body shop taking vehicles and keeping money, customers say

A Call 12 For Action investigation has discovered three people who took their vehicles to a Valley body shop and feel they're getting taken for a ride.

BUCKEYE, Ariz. - A Call 12 For Action investigation has discovered three people who took their vehicles to Classy Auto Works, a body shop located in Buckeye, say the shop refuses to complete the work, return the vehicles or refund the insurance money.

Kathy Soucy sparked the investigation. The 77-year-old says she took her 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee to Classy Auto Works after a crash in January. She even had her insurance company send a check for $5,000.83 directly to the shop to pay for the repairs.

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Since then, one of the body shop owners, Tony Sease, has sent her two text messages saying the Jeep is ready. But when Soucy went to pick it up, Sease wasn't there. Instead, Soucy says she found the shop abandoned, with the garage doors closed and a window broken.

"It's just disgusting," Soucy tells 12 News. "Frustrating to say the least. It's beyond my comprehension why anybody would do this.

"I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy," Soucy says. "And I don't think I'm the only one."

She's not. In fact, our Call 12 For Action investigation discovered two more consumers with the same complaints.

Cindy Feurt tells 12 News she took her 2000 Buell motorcycle to Classy Auto Works to get fixed in June of 2016. It's been at the shop for 13 months now.

"I have no motorcycle. Nothing. Don't know where it is or what's going on with it. It's really upsetting," Feurt says. "We don't know where to go or what to do."

Neither does Jose Alvarez. He can see his 2017 Jeep Patriot in the body shop's back lot. He says Classy Auto Works has had it and an insurance check for $6,528.10 since March.

But like the others, Alvarez can't get ahold of the owners or get his Jeep back.

"Nothing's been done to it," Alvarez says, as he points to the Jeep in the body shop's back lot. "It makes me mad. Frustrated."

Alvarez, Feurt and Soucy tell 12 News they have all worked with Rod and Tony Sease, the father and son who own Classy Auto Works. In the last month, the Seases have refused to answer their calls and ours.

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So we went to the Sease's home hoping to get answers. But one of the Seases closed the door on us and refused to answer our calls, again.

All three consumers are filing formal complaints with the Attorney General's office, hoping to spark an investigation from the state.

Have you had a similar experience with Classy Auto Works or another body shop? Call 12 For Action would like to hear from you. You can tell us your story here. We also encourage you to file a formal complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's office here.