Better Business Bureau introduces 'Monsoon Center' to prevent storm-related scams

The Better Business Bureau has created a new webpage to help you not get scammed during the monsoon.

If monsoon storms wreak havoc on your car or house, do you know who to call?

The Better Business Bureau has created the "Monsoon Center" to help you find verified contractors and companies.

The webpage has several sections including: Get Help Now, Monsoon Recovery Checklist, and Licenses and Insurances.

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Say your windshield was broken by a fallen tree and you have damage you want fixed immediately, you can click on the "Get Help Now" section and select the "Auto Repair- Windshield, Glass Shops" tab.

There, you will find all businesses verified and accredited by the BBB that can fix your windshield.

There is also a link to the BBB's Scam Tracker,

"Because unfortunately, we do see, every season this time of year, contractors coming in from out of state. They're hoping to prey on people who need help right away," said Felicia Thompson with the BBB.

The scam tracker can show you any scams, including monsoon-related ones, happening in your area.

"It's important to know that unfortunately, monsoon season is here, it's not going anywhere, but there are resources to help," Thompson said.

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