Oreo Churros are now a thing

KUSA – Oreos have come a long way from their humble roots as milk's favorite cookie. Now, the brand has released an Oreo Churro.

J&J Snack Foods Corp, the maker of Oreos, announced in a news release on Wednesday that grocery shoppers can now purchase Oreo Churros in the frozen aisle of grocery stores. The latest incarnation of the classic cookie consists of a chocolate-churro shell, with a crumb sugar topping and creme filling. The new cookies come in a 10-inch or bite-sized churro.

The latest Oreo Churro is not the company's first shot at re-creating churros. Oreo Churros made their first debut in November, 2014 and involved cookie sticks that you dunk into individual creme dip cups.

The Oreo brand has been around for 103 years. Since the original cookie the company has created Oreo Ice Cream ConesCookie Dough Oreos, and even a limited edition Marshmallow Crispy Creme Oreo.


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