Online retailers specializing in clothing rental

A new crop of online retail companies offering clothing rental.

Our closets are overflowing... With 5 times more clothing than we owned in 1980.

And our digital lives make it harder to repeat outfits...

"Now, you go out and you post that to Snapchat or Instagram or Facebook and everyone that you've ever met has seen you in that outfit. So that puts a lot more pressure to have freshness and variety then it did lets say, even 5 years ago," said Brett Northart of Le Tote.

That's given rise to a new crop of companies specializing in clothing rental.

Le tote offers a Netflix-style subscription for apparel and accessories.

"The idea is that you can pay once a month, use it as often as you like, and you have an unlimited rotating wardrobe,"  Northart said.

Buying a new look is also getting more convenient with online companies like Lyon & Post that let you try on apparel, shipped straight to your doorstep, with no commitment to purchase.

"As this trend of try before you buy from online competitors keeps growing, a lot of different companies are trying to find what actually works best for customers," said Ben Fox Rubin of CNET.

Amazon just jumped on the "try before you buy" bandwagon with prime wardrobe which allows users to try on up to 15 different clothing items.

"They send it to you in a big box and you can decide what you want to keep and what you want to ship back," Fox Rubin  said..

Bringing the fitting room to your bed room... With little hope for cleaning out the closet.

It's probably a good rule of thumb to get rid of a piece of clothing for every new one you buy!

Most of these services feature free shipping both ways.

Le Tote also lets customers buy from the rental items.
Same system, just keep what you love and send back the rest.

Some services feature a stylist such as Stitch Fix or Trunk Club sending personalized apparel picks for an extra fee.



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