Santa cat rescued from family's chimney

Firefighters rescue cat stuck in chimney.

A Phoenix family looking for their missing cat were shocked to find him stuck inside their chimney on Christmas morning. With help from the Phoenix Fire Department, the cat was safely removed from the chimney after spending the night in his hiding spot. 

"When he went in, he was an almost-white cat and now he's black as soot," said Adrienne Gill, a Phoenix resident. 

Gill's daughter is visiting from California and brought along her newly-rescued cat. Gill and her husband secured their home to ensure the cat wouldn't escape and a few hours later were frantically searching their home because they couldn't find the cat. 

"He vanished into thin air and for him to hide from us right here," Gill said "This room is so large, you could hear a pin drop and we didn't hear a peep from him."

The entire family spent the night searching for the cat inside and outside of their home, but couldn't find him. The next morning, Gill's husband, Peter Burt, decided to check out the chimney and was shocked and relieved at what he found. 

"I took a bulb, took the shade off and stuck it up there and took a mirror and I could see the cat," Burt said. "So that was nice, he was right where I thought he would be."

The family called the Phoenix Fire Department who responded with a team who began carefully working to remove the cat. 

"I mean, to see two of these big firemen in there putting their arms up there into three inches of space," Burt said. 

After about 20 minutes, the cat was removed and back in the arms of his owner and as for the chimney, it was securely boarded up.

"Crazy!," Gill said. "What a way to spend Christmas, right?"


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