NAU shooting trial: Judge orders jury to cease deliberations

Closing statements are over and now it's up to the jury to deliberate the fate of Steven Jones.

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Steven Jones is on trial in the case of an October 2015 shooting at Northern Arizona University that killed one student and injured three others.

The judge overseeing the trial ordered the jury to cease deliberations Wednesday over concerns regarding the prosecution's closing arguments.

The judge said statements Jones made during police questioning, which the prosecution brought up during the trial, leaves the jury with the impression he only made those statements in regards to his self-defense claim.

Jones made others right after the shooting which the Judge had precluded from the trial.

The judge has ordered both the defense and prosecution to give their best memorandum on how to handle this case, asking for options such as further closing arguments.

The judge has not ruled out a mistrial.

Both the prosecution and defense will come before the judge Thursday.

Last week, Jones took the stand in his own defense for the first time and faced cross-examination from the prosecution.

The jury heard closing arguments Tuesday.

Jones' defense team has worked to build the case that the victims of the shooting were bullying and harassing Jones before he shot them that night, claiming self-defense.

Jones faces charges of first-degree murder in the death of Colin Brough and aggravated assault against the other students injured in the shooting.


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