12 hot drinks to fight the unfamiliar freeze

It's been unseasonably cold in the Phoenix area recently, giving many in the Valley a small taste of how others around the country live (they use heaters?!).

While we Phoenicians may be tough in the triple-digit heat, when the mercury dips around half that, it's fair to say we get a little wimpy.

A nice warm drink can help fix such ills.

Here are four caffeine-free, four caffeinated and four alcoholic drinks to help you through the winter. It just so happens to add up to 12, which is a number we quite like around these parts.


Mulled apple cider

Need to kick into winter mode? Just try some hot apple cider and you'll be feeling the holidays in no time.

Hot cocoa

Sure, you could just use mix or if you've got time, you could whip something up yourself and taste the satisfaction. Dress it up however you like to make it unique.

Turmeric ginger tea

Look, the holiday season doesn't always bring the best presents. Sometimes it brings the sniffles, and this ginger tea aims to kick them out in the cold.

Winter lemonade

This seems like a nice, soothing drink if you've got a sore throat that needs some treatment.


London Fog latte

The kick from earl grey tea combined with the smoothness of a latte.

Peppermint mocha

You could head down to the local coffee shop for this one, or you could take the adventurous route this holiday season and try yourself.

Chai tea latte

This is another you could find at the coffee shop, but it would be more satisfying to make at home.


Don't overthink it. Coffee works.


Hot toddy

Can't choose between tea and whiskey? Why not have both?

Hot spiced wine

Not unlike the non-alcoholic hot apple cider, this is classic holiday stuff.

Bacon, bourbon and hazelnut hot chocolate

Apparently this is a thing? It sounds like all the delicious things in one cup.

Irish coffee

Don't overthink it.

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