PHOENIX, Ariz. - Could someone please turn off the heater?

It was a big day for Valley temps as Phoenix set a new record for the latest in the year it's hit 100 degrees, reaching triple digits Thursday afternoon.

By 8:30 a.m., the temperature was already running two degrees higher than it did on Wednesday.

This comes as other parts of the country deal with heavy rain and early snowfall.

But not so in the Valley of the Sun.

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The previous latest day for 100 degrees or higher was Oct. 23, set in 2003.

October could break another heat record: Consecutive days in the month at 90 degrees or higher.

Right now, the streak is at 22. The previous record of 25 days was set in 1952. But we have a chance to break it, as our temps could remain above 90 through Halloween, based on current forecasts.

Bottom line: All of this heat has some residents wondering where fall is.