MAYER, Ariz. – A third flash flood roared through several Yavapai County communities Friday afternoon.

The flood began in Mayer after rain poured over the scar of the Goodwin Fire Friday morning.

The National Weather Service in Flagstaff issued a flash flood warning at 11 a.m. An evacuation order followed at noon from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office for communities between Mayer and Cordes Lakes along Big Bug Creek.

Brenda Mish, who lives near the creek in Mayer, told 12 News about how she and her friend from Spring Valley looked for the best place to stay during each hit from nature.

“We went through the fire first, then we were on the side of the hill so we watched all the devastation from our front window and during the fire.” She said. “We went to live with her and when the flooding came, she was to come to live with us, but we had so much smoke and stuff in our house that with her health and mine both, I’m back living here.”

Roberto Robles lived in Cordes Lakes and said he saw the debris make its way there through Big Bug Creek around 2 p.m.

“It seemed like it was moving kind of slow, but in front of it, it had all those big trees and pieces of trees, trash, tires, barrels, everything in front of it. It was just pushing it,” he said. “Once you got close to it, it was moving pretty fast.”

Deputies with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office told 12 News they didn’t hear of any rescues or injuries.

Cpt. Rich Martin explained the process behind getting evacuation orders out to people in flood zones.

“We have an observation point that we set up near Grapevine Canyon and Big Bug Creek at the confluence there and when we start to see the water rise in that area. Then we start to send our set message and then our evacuate message,” Martin said.

Martin said it would probably be a couple years before the soil in the scar of the Goodwin Fire could absorb water again.

Friday, several people said this flood was not as bad as the one two weeks earlier.

Regardless, deputies wanted to remind people not to cross running water.

Evacuation orders for the region were lifted at 2 p.m.