TEMPE, Ariz. - The Phoenix heat is on, reaching 107 on Tuesday with a long summer ahead.

We asked veteran Arizonans how they can tell it's a Phoenix summer

“You know it’s a Phoenix summer when you’re desperate to get in any body of water,” said one woman walking with her two little kids and dog at Tempe Beach Park.

“It makes my eyes burn,” said her little boy.

Some have become quite creative when it comes to dealing with the excessive heat -- everything to finding shade and turning up the air conditioner to jumping into the pool.

“People walking around with umbrellas, in the middle of the day when it never rains here,” said one man who we found sitting in his car with the AC on full blast at Tempe Beach Park.

The heat didn’t keep away the golfers at the Encanto Golf Course. Golfers at a junior event kept hydrated. Some even had umbrellas attached to their golf bags.

“Out here on the golf course, people with wet towels draped all over their heads for the whole round,” said one golfer.

One woman even suggested taking in some entertainment if you need to go out but not outside.

“[You know it's summer] when you want to go see a movie because it’s cool in the movie theater. You just want to get out of the heat,” she said.