PHOENIX - Fake snakes, spiders and lizards are all part of fun Halloween decorations but what about real snakes making a frightening appearance inside your pumpkin?

In Phoenix, this is a real possibility!


The warm weather in Phoenix this October means snakes are still active.

"Right now in October, traditionally it’s a little bit cooler, but since snakes don’t really have a calendar they don’t know what month it is. It’s all based on weather for them. And since we are getting these nice warm 90-degree days, to them it’s just like summer so they are still out active and hunting," said Aaron Joyner, with the Phoenix Herpetological Society.

Right now they are receiving one to two calls a day for snake removal, which Joyner said is "a little rare for this time of year."

Snakes are most active during the cool period of the day and seek out the cooler places during the heat of the day. This time of year, your carved pumpkins sitting outside make for a perfect location.

"Those become dark, cool places and in the middle of the day that is where a snake wants to hang out," said Joyner.

If you find a snake in your yard, Joyner has some recommendations: "Make sure you keep a good distance. Strike range for a rattlesnake is something like 3 feet."

Since the majority of people are bit trying to remove snakes themselves, you can call the Phoenix Herpetological Society day or night at 602-550-1090, and they will remove the snake for $75.

If a snake bites you, don’t wait to go to the hospital.

"If you get bit by a rattlesnake, there is a chance there is no venom but you won't know until it’s too late. So get to the hospital as soon as possible,” said Joyner.

Have a great and safe Halloween but use caution as snakes are still out and about.