Ah… fall is here! The smell of budding flowers, the dreams of skiing down snow-covered slopes in just a few months, the holiday decorations filling the shelves of stores, and of course the cool temperatures (wait ... I mean warm, oh forget it, it has just been hot).

There is no way around it, the start of October has been hot with afternoon high temperatures in Phoenix feeling more like the beginning of September. In fact, there have been six days so far this month with a high temperature of 95 degrees plus.

So what is causing this heat?

A large area of high pressure has been sitting just south of Arizona forcing the storm track well north of the state.

High pressure is sinking air, and it compresses as it sinks creating warm weather with clear skies across the area it impacts.

As high pressure sits just south of Arizona, it wobbles back-and-forth resulting in even warmer temperatures on certain days. As the wobble continues, the next seven days expect well above-average high temperatures.

Friday and Saturday expect highs right around 95 degrees, and by the end of next week, high temperatures in the Valley could be even warmer. Keep in mind the average for this time of year is right around 89 degrees.

The good news out of all of this, the morning temperatures are incredible. With clear skies across the region, all that heat built up during the day can escape back out into the atmosphere at night resulting in quickly cooling temperatures in the evening and morning hours.

Let’s just all be thankful the 110-degree temperatures are gone!