The images and stories coming from Houston and its surrounding areas as a result of Harvey have been truly shocking.

What began as Hurricane Harvey slammed into the coast of Texas over the weekend. Cities like Corpus Christi, Rockport and Aransas Pass were positively devastated.

The total rainfall in the Houston area was so historic, in fact, the National Weather Service has had to update their color maps to measure rainfall: they simply didn't have an existing color to visualize just how much rain has fallen.


Although Harvey was downgraded to a tropical storm, that was hardly any relief to the residents of coastal cities and the metropolitan area of Houston.

Since Sunday, the storm has parked itself over the region, pounding residents with historic rainfall amounts.

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One glimmer of hope for Houston residents whose neighborhoods are swamped: new forecasts show the next 48 hours may not be as bad as originally predicted. The new track for the storm has it coming to shore further east.