We're about to start what may be a triple record-setting weekend in Phoenix.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons should set new records for heat on their respective dates (March 18 and 19), and Sunday morning is expected to be the warmest low ever on March 19 in Phoenix.

We're looking at highs of 95 Saturday and 94 Sunday, and a Sunday morning low of 63.

All the relative heat is caused by a high-pressure system, which will head east Monday, cooling down the Phoenix area.

By Wednesday, we should see temperatures back down in the 70s with gusting winds between 20 and 25 mph in the Valley. Up in the High Country, you can expect bigger gusts -- 50-55 mph.

The coming storm system will bring some precipitation across the state, though we won't see high rainfall totals as of current projections.

Snow levels are expected to drop to about 7,000 feet Thursday morning but it's not likely to accumulate much.

Even if it's not much, it's something to look forward to for those all shook up by the 95-degree late-winter weekend.