It's been a dry couple of months in the Phoenix area.

We haven't had measurable rain since May 9, nearly two months ago.

But the long dry run could end this weekend.

As of Wednesday night. the 12 News forecast shows a chance of rain every day from Friday until next Wednesday, albeit a slight chance each day.

If it feels like it's been a dry year in general, that's because it has.

According to the National Weather Service, Phoenix has seen just more than 70 percent it usually receives by July 5 in a given year. Normally by this time we've had 3.32 inches of rain, but this year has only yielded 2.41 inches.

Last year was even more drastically below average, when Phoenix had accumulated just 1.88 inches of precipitation by July 5. Per NWS data, In 2013, Phoenix had 1 inch by now and in 2012, it had just a half-inch, so this year has actually been much closer to normal than some recent years. Going back to 2011, every year has been below the historical average average.

This weekend's activity will be the first storm system to come through the Valley during monsoon, which began June 15 and runs through the end of September.