Welcome back, cooler temperatures, it's been too long.

Like an old friend back home from an extended trip, Valley residents are ecstatic to see the return of 80-degree weather. And after spending a weekend with temps in the mid to low 90s, this break from the heat is a welcome change.

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If it feels like it's been awhile since we saw Valley temperatures at the 80-degree mark, it's because it has.

We haven't seen temperatures this cool in over three weeks! According to our own Matt Pace, it's been 26 days since we saw temperatures this cool.

This recent warming trend is just one of the many highlights of the Phoenix weather in 2016.

Where's the rain?

October has only seen 0.2 inches of rainfall this month, 0.58 inches is normal. For some additional perspective, the seasonal average during the Monsoon is 2.71 inches. This year's rainfall during Monsoon 2016 at Sky Harbor was at 2.47 inches through September.

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The latest 100-degree day in Phoenix

On Oct. 27, 2016, Phoenix saw it's latest day ever at 100 degrees. The previous latest day for 100 degrees or higher was Oct. 23, set in 2003.

It getting hot in here

The National Weather Service Phoenix recently released data that showed heat is coming to the Valley earlier than it used to and it's sticking around for longer periods.

Well, while it may be feeling a bit toasty in Phoenix lately, at least we can now start to enjoy cooler fall weather in the Valley.