PHOENIX - Though Phoenix has never been known for its cool temperatures, a statistic released today by the National Weather Service in Phoenix should still shock you.

According to NWS, "Phoenix has not seen a day that was at...or below normal for average temperature since Oct. 10th."

Which is just another way of proving what we already know: It's been hot, it is hot and it will be hot.

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Fortunately, it's not 100 degrees and the weather in the mornings and evenings has been quite cool, but it's still not reaching normal October and November temperatures.

To put it in context, Wednesday reached a high of 84 degrees at 3:13 p.m., but according to NWS, 71 degrees is the average for Nov. 15.

This weekend, NWS is predicting Phoenix will see temperatures under 80 degrees, which is nice but still warmer than normal.

And if you think it's just Phoenix being Phoenix, wrong. Flagstaff is also experiencing warmer than normal temperature right now, even causing Arizona Snowbowl to delay opening.