Joy Williams used to love a good electrical thunder storm. These days, she still enjoys them, just not as much.

“You could see a big hole in the roof with flames coming out,” said Williams.

Almost one year ago to the day Williams' home was hit by a bolt of lightning.

“My first thought is 'That was really close,'” said Williams.

About five minutes later, her husband checked the crawl space and smoke started pouring into the home.

Williams was pregnant at the time. She stood across the street and watched firefighters battle the blaze for almost 30 minutes. The entire upstairs was destroyed and there was smoke damage throughout the rest of the home.

It has taken about a year to resolve all the issues and get everything replaced and fixed but insurance did cover everything.

“We are still dealing with all of this,” said Williams.

These days when the storms hit, Williams is much more aware of the danger and risk that come with the beauty of the monsoon.

She also learned a few things from her experience. Experts told her to stay out of water like baths or showers during a storm, don’t go near windows and unplug expensive electrical devices unless you have a surge protector.

Another tip is to install smoke detectors in your attic. It could tip you off to a fire a few minutes earlier, which could prove valuable.