Monsoon 2017 officially starts June 15th -- are you ready?

From trimming your trees to saying goodbye to sand bags, the National Weather Service, City of Phoenix and SRP have tips to get you prepared.

Sand bags are out, gel bags are in

Starting with sand bags, which Monica Hernandez with the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department says are a thing of the past.

"[Sand bags] also take time. It involves labor," said Hernandez.

Time, which you might not have if rains are beating down at your door.

The new method? Gel bags, which when dry look like just a flat piece of black material, but as soon as they hit water, they start to swell up.

They are reusable and can be bought either online or at a hardware store.

Pruning trees the right way

Love those trees in your yard?

Pruning them can make them sturdier in monsoon wind gusts.

If the trees are too big, call a professional to prune them, but if they're manageable, you can do it yourself.

Experts say make sure not to prune too many of the branches inside the tree -- that's a common mistake.

"That actually picks up the wind and acts as a lever arm and the branches snap off even more," said Richard Adkins, an arborist with the City of Phoenix.

"You want to prune a little from the outside going in. So you thin out the heavy growth on the end of the branch, and not take everything out in the middle," said Adkins.