A Gold Canyon neighborhood was ground zero for a powerful monsoon storm Monday night.

Neighbor Cindy Hoekstra told 12 News it sounded like, “pardon my language, but all hell breaking loose.”

Hoekstra was inside her sister's house when the rain and wind roared past.

“It was horrendous,” she said. “You just hunkered down and you didn't dare open anything you just heard things flying all over.”

Solar panels from the top of their house could be seen hanging from nearby trees, some trees even snapped landing on parts of people’s houses and yards.

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“All of the sun screens in the back of the house are literally torn to shreds and the cacti were pulled out by their roots,” Hoekstra told 12 News.

As we've seen in the past, monsoon rains can leave Valley neighborhoods under water.

Some areas of Laveen have been hit multiple times in recent years, leading to devastating flooding.

People living there told 12 News they're keeping their fingers crossed that improvements to the drainage systems in the area will help keep the water from reaching their homes again.

Back in Gold Canyon, Hoekstra's family is starting the cleanup and repair process.

“We're lucky we only had the minimal damage we did,” she said “and we're going to get it fixed.”